Interpreting Service

Allow us to introduce our organization “MEDAN JAPANESE TRANSLATOR CLUB”. We specialize in bilingual translating and interpreting service Japanese into Indonesian & Japanese into English. We're offering the following service below : 

1. Translator (written translation, article, documents and other necessary correspondence, etc)
2. We offering to held seminar,workshops,interview in any filed of subjects.
3. Interpreter (spoken interpreting)

- Factory and office etc. related needs 
- Survey
- Agriculture
- Plantation
- Technique
- Economic
- Fishery 
- Chemistry 
- Shipping
- Tour Guide
- Business Correspondence
- Hotel
- Seminar
- Health
- Electricity
- Culture
- Art
- Research 

We highly appreciate your respond towards our offer and we have an expectation that this offer will be one of your reliable references in the future. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you very much.






Professional Experiences of Projects

1. Japanese Tourist Survey, Tourism & Economic Creative Department, 1993 ; Survey Officer
2. CHIBA Prefuktur Red Cross – PMI Sumut Joint Program, 1993 ; Interpreter
3. Medan – Ichikawa Sister City, 1998 ; MNC Interpreter
4. PT. Castell Bery, Sergai, Sumut, 2005 ; Translator & Interpreter
5. PT. Capella Medan – Kubota. Co. Ltd, Japan, 2008 – 2011 ; Interpreter & Translator
6. PT. Sagami Indonesia/Sagami Ereku Corp.Ltd. – March 2011 : Intrepreter, Translator.
7. PT. Karet Deli Medan – Nakata Engineering. Co. Ltd, 2009 – 2012 ; Interpreter & Translator
8. Document translation,PT.Nitori Indonesia,Translator  2012.
9. PT. Karet Deli Medan – Nakata Engineering. Co. Ltd – Daiei Electric, Co. Ltd, 2009 – 2012 ; Interpreter – Translator
10. PT. Karet Deli Medan – Nakata Engineering, Co. Ltd – Japan – JTC Corporation Japan ; Interpreter – Translator
11.Document Translation,PT.Nitori  Indonesia,Translator,2012
12. PT. Bridgestone Indonesia Dolok Merangir Medan, 2009 – 2012 ; Translator
13.Personal Document Translation,2011,translator.
14. PT. Wahana Nusa Sentana Medan, 2009 – 2012 ; Translator
15. International Seminar at USU – Tohoku University, 2011 ; Interprete
16.Personal Translation Document,2012,Translator
17. Naturally – Plus Malaysia sdn.Bhd, Medan 2011 ; Interpreter
18. PT. Bina Pertiwi Medan (United Tractor Group) – Kubota. Co. Ltd, Japan, 2011 – 2012 ; Interpreter & Translator
19.Personal Translation Document,2013,Translator
20. PT. Wahana Graha Makmur – Nichirei Foods. inc, 2011 – 2012, Interpreter
21. PT. Unicharm Indonesia Medan, 2012 – 2012 ; Interpreter
22. Mitsui Chemi. Co. Ltd, 2012 – 2012 ; Interpreter
23.Document Translating related to Immigration,2013,Translator
24. Japan Education Exhibition, Medan, 2012 ; Interpreter
25. Fuji Keizai, Co. Ltd, Osaka Japan, 2012 (Marketing Research + Strategy Consultant) ; Interpreter
26. PT BINA PERTIWI MEDAN (UNITED TRACTOR GROUP, KUBOTA, Co., Ltd., Japan), September 2012, Interpreter and Translator
27. One Day Seminar : "Eksperimental Study for the Migitation of Earthquake Disaster of Ordinary Mansory Houses in Developing Countries", JICA, NIED JAPAN, MIE University, University of North Sumatera; December 2012, Interpreter.
28 PT. LESTARI ALAM SEGAR/FUJI MANUFACTURING, Co. Ltd.; January 2013, Interpreter and Translator.
29. PT. WAHANA NUSA SENTANA Medan (Shipping Company); February 2013.
30. Motivation Seminar at Politeknik Ganesha Medan, Small Presentation by Prof. Suzuki Iwayumi, Tohoku University. Prof. Hamzon Situmorang, M.S, Phd. November 30th 2013: Interpreter.
31. Small Presentation of Japanese Culture and Education, Jissho Foundation – November 30th 2013: Interpreter.
32.Document translation related to immigration document,2013,Translator

33 International Seminar on Fire and Flood Fighting, JICA Indonesia, Japan General Consulate in Medan, Medan City Government, Dewan Perwakilan Daerah (DPD-RI) Sumatera Utara, Medan Fire and Disaster Volunteers Organisation, March 19th 2013; Interpreter.
34. PT.Mitsubishi Motors Indonesia, February 2013 : Translator, Tutor.
35. PT. Bina Pertiwi Medan (United Tractor Group) – Kubota. Co. Ltd, Japan, April 2013 ; Interpreter & Translator.
36. PT. Bridgestone Indonesia Dolok Merangir Medan, April 2013 ; Translator
37. Indonesian Research Institute, Yayoi Japan. Research Of Cacao Plantation in North Sumatera by Mr. Seo Yasuhiko, Ph.D (Chiba University) – Medan August 2013: Interpreter.
38. Japan Education Exhibition, Medan September 2013 ; Interpreter.Licence Academy, Japanese Consulate at Medan, Canon Enterprises.
39 HG Indonesia Jakarta Selatan, Hello G Co.LTD Tokyo, Hitachi Appliances Inc Tokyo, Hakuhodo INC Tokyo – November 2013 : Interpreter for Consultant Company.
40. PT. JAC Consulting Indonesia, Surabaya – November 2013 : Interpreter for Consultant Company.
41 International Seminar, Theme: Tsunami & Tradition in Asia Countries. Meulaboh District, Aceh Province – December 2013. Meulaboh District, Asji, Japanese Consulate, Aceh – Japan Forum: Interpreter - Translator.
42. PT. Nittoh Batam - Employee Recruitment Services - Interpreter.
43 JICA Project at Nias Gunung Sitoli - North Sumatera Province Indonesia - Interpreter.
44 2013 - 2014 Short-Term Training Program For Foreign Teacher of The Japanese-Language (Winter Course) at Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa Japan - January till March 2014.
45 Japanese school presentation in Medan and Binjai city bt Yokohama Design school,Yokohama Japan,May 20014
46. Medan City Sanitary Service, kyuushu University KEPA (Kyuushu Environment Preservation Agency) - Medan City Goverment July 2014.
47 Japan Tourism Exibition, Swiss Bell Hotel - Medan Indonesia. Oriental Land Co.Ltd Japan, The Jakarta Daily Shimbun : Interpreter - August 2014.
48. Seminar Workshop on the Asean Japan Energy Efficiency Partnership Program (AJEEP) for Scheme 2 (industry) in Indonesia Under the Some Meti Work Program 2014-2015. 12 December 2014 - JW Marriot Hotel Medan Indonesia.
49. Indonesia JICA Project, Nurse Enhancement Service Program - Japan Development Service Co, Ltd. Indonesia Ministry of Health, North Sumatera Nursing Faculty - February 2015, Interpreter.
50. Department of Fisheries and Marine of Indonesia, Translator - February 2015.
51. Japan Education Exhibition, Medan Maret 2015 ; Interpreter.Licence Academy, Japanese Consulate at Medan, Canon Enterprises.
52 Japan Tourism Exhibition, Heart to Heart Corporetion Japan. Hoshino Resorts Aryaduta Hotel March 2015 - Interpreter.
53. PT. Denso Sales Indonesia, Jakarta. Kilat Service Medan - Interpreter. February 2015
54 Japanese School presentation,Nagoya International foreign  at Medan High School,March 2015,Interpreter
55 PT. Bridgstone Rubber Estate, Work Shop. At Dolok Merangir, North Sumatra, May 2015, Interpreter.
56 PT. Bridgstone Rubber Estate,Earthquake disaster countermeasure protection seminar,Dolok Merangir, May 2015 Interpreter.
57. JICA Junior Expert,environment education program,june 2015.BLH north  sumatra profince.
58 Seminar of working In Japan by Proklamator foundation west sumatra,may 2015.
59 International Seminar by Japan Indonesia Network,presentation of Sendai ikue gakuen Japan ,june 2015
60. Plantation research by CVC,Co,lt /RAC, Japan,August 2015
61.Consumer Goods Company,"MUMU",Translator August 2015.
62.Care worker Recruitment Interview,Japan International Corporation of welfare services(JICWEL),Tokyo,Japan ,August 2015.
63.Shipping Document Translation of PT.Multi Jaya Samudra ,Translator ,August 2015.
64.PT.Inalum Asahan Alumunium,Takaoka Toko,co.Ltd Japan."Diskonnektor/isolator Installation Project",And PT.Citra  Krida Dynamika,August 2015,Interpreter and translator.
65.Biomass and Biofuel Project,PTPN.II.Medan,Synyo,Co.Ltd,Japan, Interpreter Sept.2015
66.Astellas Pharmatical Co,Ltd Japan,PT.Astellas Pharma Indonesia,Internal Management Meeting,Sept.2015,Interpreter.
67. Customer Visiting and Meeting,SANYU, Co,.LTD,Saitama Pref. Japan, With PT.Indah Glorymas Indonesia,Interpreter,Octtober 2015.
68 Japan Education Exhibition, Medan November 2015 ; Interpreter.Licence Academy, Japanese Consulate at Medan, Canon Enterprises.
69.Master of ceremony and Interpreter for welcoming ceremony of "Nihongo Partner" program,Japan Fondation
Asia center,Nov.2th  2015
70.Management Work shop at PT.Bridgestone rubber estate Indonesia,Niagara Hotel Parapat,Nov.11-12, 2015 Interpereter
71.Environtment education Presentation,Mas plus Al-ulum,JICA Junior Expert,BLH tgk.nov.13th 2015,Interpreter
72.Japans Health and pension insurance documents translation,Translator nov. 2025,Translator
73.Japanese Language Education Persentation,Kokusai kotoba gakuin Japanese School,Shizuoka Japan,At Miftahussalan School.November 2015,Interpereter.
74.Japanese Language Education Persentation,Kokusai kotoba Gakuin japanese School,Shizuoka,Japan,At 
SMK Multi Karya HighSchool,November.2015,Interpreter.
75.Japanese Education Seminar by Kokusai kotoba gakuin Japanese School,Shizuoka Japan,at STIE/STMIK
IBBI University,November 2015.Interpreter.
76. Disconnector Installation Project(300Kv)at PT.Indonesia Asahan Aluminium,Takaoka Toko Co,Ltd Japan,Chiyoda Corporation Japan,PT.Citra Krida Dynamika,Medan.December 2015.Interpreter/Translator.
77.Field Research of Rubber Plantation,PT.Bridgestone Sumatera Rubber Estate,Bridgestone Co,Ltd Japan
December 2015,Interpreter.
78.Japanese Education Exhibition,PT.Fuji Staff Indonesia Jakarta,January 2016,Interterpreter.
79. Disconnector Installation Project(300Kv)at PT.Indonesia Asahan Aluminium,Takaoka Toko Co,Ltd Japan,Chiyoda Corporation Japan,PT.Citra Krida Dynamika,Medan.Januaru 2016.Interpreter/Translator.
80. Disconnector Installation Project(300Kv)at PT.Indonesia Asahan Aluminium,Takaoka Toko Co,Ltd Japan,Chiyoda Corporation Japan,PT.Citra Krida Dynamika,Medan.February 2016.Interpreter/Translator.
81.Japan Pension Service Documents,personal indentity ect,Translator.March 2016.
82.Marketing Research of Palm Kernel shell and Palm oil Plantation/Crude palm oil in North sumatera,
West Sumatera,and Riau Profince.Fuji Keizai,.Co.Ltd Osaka,Japan.Interpreter and Translator,March to
April 2016.
83.Japan pension service Documents ,personal inindentity ect.Translator,May 2016.
84.Watertube Boiler preparation and confirmation for comissioning,World Netsugaku Yuugen kaisha,Hiroshima Japan and PT.Atmindo BoilerProfessioanl Medan,Indonesia,Interpreter dan Translator.May 2016
85 North sumatera.  Indonesian Immigration Office,Iterpreter and Translator. August 2016
86.Careworker Recruitment Interview,Japan International Corporation of welfare services(JICWEL) ,Tokyo,Japan   , BMP2TKI indonesian labour Department  ,August 2016.Iterpreter
87.North Sumatera Indonesian Immigration Office Interpeter and Translator,August 2016
88.Indonesian Industrial Department/Kantor Kementrian Industri Indonesia, August 2016,Translator
89. Japan Tourism Exhibition, Organized by "Japan National Tourism Association" (JNTO) Aryaduta Hotel September 2016 - Interpreter.